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On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Sunday, October 8th 2017) John talks about the following:

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The new Justice League trailer has dropped

Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer hits tomorrow


Ofek Shekel – Hey john. I love your show and watch it everyday. Based on what Elfman said and Henry Cavill’s picture I have a theory about superman in the justice league movie. I think that he comes back to life by Darkside and will be a villain and wear is black suit. By the end of he will return and will be good and wear his regular suit. What do you think?

David Cocca – Greetings from Hamilton John! Yesterday you discussed why the world didn’t know of Batman before Superman came along but how about Wonder Woman? Wouldn’t she be in the history books especially after what happened in no mans land?

James Walsh – Hello John and thank you for taking my question. I was just wondering what are your opinions on the film critic Armond White? Given he purposely bashes critically liked movies , do you think his reviews should be counted on rotten tomatoes?

Patron Supporter Kevin – I finally received my MoviePass card. However, I’m concerned the system has a significant drawback. I love going to the Thursday night openings of tent pole movies. Since these tickets often sell out in advance, it doesn’t seem MoviePass will be of much use for these shows.. What’s your experience? Thanks!

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